You'll find opportunities to love and serve at Grasslands Church

Your Spiritual Home

Grow in faith, hope & love.

Grasslands is a community-based church that prioritises meeting in homes throughout the week. We do this because it means means you'll experience a more genuine and rewarding connection with God and others in every season of life.

Why Grasslands?

The grasslands of Brimbank are rich in natural diversity. The people of the Grasslands Ward are beautifully diverse too! Grasslands Church is here to celebrate and serve the unique story of every person with the love of Jesus.

Our beliefs are the same as many other Christian churches. It is our Missional Communities (MCs) that make us different. MCs are groups of 8-12 people who choose to intentionally live their lives together. In MCs we share the ups and downs of life, learn from the Bible and each other, give and receive encouragement, and serve our local neighbourhoods together.

It's the community you want but struggle to find.

Sundays with Grasslands Church

Our MCs get together every Sunday to worship. Sundays are an important moment in the week where our communities are strengthened and then sent out to live out their faith in their work, families and life in the community.

We do most of the things you'd expect from a church service. We sing, we pray and we hear from the Bible. Since we value authentic connection with God and one another, we always have a time of discussion in small groups.

Don't worry, you don't have to share anything you're not comfortable with! But we find that talking helps us practically work out our faith.

We'd love to have you join us!

TIME: 9:30am

LOCATION: Building 10, Room 123, Victoria University (St Albans Campus), University Boulevard, St Albans 3021

Listening and learning from each other is a daily part of life.
Sharing meals is rich with meaning and brings value to our lives

The Way.

We understand that faith is very personal. You have your own unique story. You may be single, in a relationship, out of a relationship, old, young or maybe a little quirky. And that's okay!

The point is — you're welcome at Grasslands.

To get you started, here's a plan that makes it easy.

A plan to encourage you.


You want a real community?

Finding your true path can be difficult. Life can be challenging. Doing it alone makes it impossible. You don't have to go it alone.

We'd love to welcome you!


Connect with one of our leaders.

This is your opportunity to ask the big questions and discover why MCs might be just the thing to help you genuinely connect with God and with others.


You've met for a coffee (or tea), what's next?

A richly rewarding faith comes from living it out in the community. For us, this means joining an MC. You won't get the most out of Grasslands Church unless you join one.

Church Planting

The Planting Project.

Communities of faith have been around forever. But not all suburbs or all cultures have ready access to supportive and healthy faith communities.

Grasslands has partnered with Inner West Church to establish a new faith community in Cairnlea. And, by God's grace and a little luck, the hope is to establish other faith communities in the future.

We call this process "church planting" because it's more organic (think gardening) than engineered (think construction). We also recognise that new churches are communities of people first, not buildings.


The Alpha Course

Explore life, faith & meaning.

Alpha is your opportunity to explore life, faith and meaning in a judgement free space. Whether you have been going to church for a long time or not at all, you’ll explore the deep questions of life through the Alpha Course.

  • Connect with others around life and faith over 8-10 weeks
  • Listen to talks on the big issues of faith and unpack the foundations of Christian belief.
  • Share thoughts and ideas, ask questions on the topics, and discuss them in a small group. There’s no obligation to say anything and there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously).

Contact us and register your interest in our next Alpha.